DJI RC 2 vs DJI RC - Comparison Review

Today we are going to compare the newly released DJI RC 2 vs the DJI RC which comes with the Mini 3 Pro and some Mavic 3 models. The best part about both of these remotes is the convenience factor of having a remote with built in screens and not having to worry about connecting your phone or tablet and making sure another piece of gear is charged and ready.

There is also a safety aspect which allows you to not have your flight interrupted by a phone call. Every time we sell a drone, we always try to educate our customers of why spending a little extra money to get the upgraded remote with the built in screen is important.

At first glance, the RC2 looks almost identical to the original DJI RC. Both of these remotes feature a 5.5 inch screen and both have a brightness of 700 nits which ensures you can still see the screen and your flight stats in the bright daylight. The inside of the RC2 is where the major enhancements and upgrades are. The RC2 has a larger processor that gives you improved CPU and GPU performance.

With this faster processor you will always have smooth app and system operations which will make your flight control experience better than ever. The visible difference on these remotes is the presence of two built in antennas and two external antennas which give this remote and drone the new O4 transmission system. Basically, you are getting double the transmitter and receiver antennas compared to the DJI RC. This means better signal strength across all of your flights.

The external antennas allow you to make angle adjustments to help optimize your video transmission signals. If you are flying longer distances, you can adjust the antenna angle to make sure the drone and the remote have the best possible connection between them. With the O4 transmission system, DJI claims a 20km transmission ability with 1080p and a 60 frames per second live video feed. Bottom line, you are going to have an upgraded and more stable flight and viewing experience.

So, the question is, which drones is the DJI RC 2 compatible with? Well, at this point, it is compatible with the DJI Air 3, but we expect DJI to push firmware releases down the road to be compatible with more drones from DJI.

We are told to expect these to be sold as a standalone product on August 9th and it will retail for $369. Purchase the all new DJI RC 2 -