Sony LBN-H1 Airpeak Battery Station


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Combining battery storage and charging into one device, the LBN-H1 Airpeak Battery Station from Sony is a more convenient solution for professionals to charge and discharge their Airpeak batteries, remotes, and accessories. It looks like a standard hard shell case, but inside is a portable charging/discharging station. Eight slots charge or discharge four groups of two LBP-HS1 and LBP-HM1 batteries in sequence. Dual integrated charging cables can simultaneously charge two remotes, and three 12V cigarette lighter power ports can charge various accessories. Everything is powered by a removable power cord and operated by a built-in control panel.

Battery Charging and Discharging

Eight built-in slots are arranged in four groups of two and charge your LBP-HS1 and LBP-HM1 batteries in sequence. Four-slot simultaneous charging is supported, with each battery taking approximately 55 minutes to recharge from 0%. A mode switch lets you choose between Full or Quick charging. The same slots can be used to safely discharge the batteries, with the option of 50 or 25% discharging modes.

Built-In Overheating Protection

For increased safety, the battery station's built-in circuitry will not charge a battery that's too hot. When a battery is too hot, cooling fans will be engaged to cool it down, and when it's cool enough, charging will automatically begin.

Rugged Design

Keeping your batteries and the internal electronics safe, Sony surrounded everything with an extremely rugged hard-shell case. Four different latches keep everything sealed when transporting the case, and dual padlock holes can be used for additional security. You can transport the case via the built-in carry handle, or you can use the retractable luggage handle and integrated wheels. An integrated pressure valve lets you take the case on flights and open it easily when you arrive at your destination.
Additional Features
  • Dual non-charging battery slots let you transport up to 10 batteries total
  • Accessory compartment
  • Padded interior lid
  • Integrated vents help to keep the battery station cool while charging
  • Built-in battery status LEDs
  • Included accessory socket caps can also be used to prevent the lid from accidentally closing during use
In The Box

Sony LBN-H1 Airpeak Battery Station
Power Cord (8.2')
3 x Accessory Socket Cap

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