Matrice 210 RTK

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Offering more precise positioning, the DJI Matrice 210 RTK quadcopter is a sophisticated industrial tool. The RTK maintains the Matrice 210’s power, maneuverability and adaptability to a range of industrial uses.

With RTK — Real Time Kinetics — the Matrice 210 RTK offers centimeter-accurate global positioning. RTK capability enhances the Matrice 210’s ability to collect data for surveying, photogrammetry and mapmaking. That makes the 210 RTK especially useful in such applications as engineering, construction and mining.

Even in this form, the 210 RTK remains an economical solution for enterprise users seeking to add a drone to enhance accuracy, reduce costs and save time. It has the ability to carry and use two cameras simultaneously, or one upward-facing camera. An FPV camera for navigating is built in, but you can select the compatible cameras most useful in your field, including models capable of thermal imaging, high-definition video and zooming for detail.

The 210 RTK is built to IP43 resistance, so it cam be flown in the rain. It is sized to remain stable in crosswinds, with added stability from its 17-inch propellers. Its foldable body, plus removable batteries, propellers and landing gear, make it easy to store and transport in the included case.

Every Matrice 210 RTK includes:

  • Foldable body, removable landing gear

  • Foul-weather resistance

  • DJIGo 4 flight program

  • Centimeter-accurate RTK positioning

  • Subject tracking

  • Built-in FPV camera

  • 51.4 mph maximum speed

  • 4.3-mile range (extendable)

  • 20-27 minutes maximum flight with varying payloads

  • Remote controller compatible with smartphones/tablets

  • 16GB microSD card; compatible with card up to 128GB

  • One top-, two bottom-located gimbal mounts

  • Automatic/manual camera control

  • Compatibility with range of thermal-imaging and video/still cameras

  • Capability for simultaneously mounting thermal, hi-def video cameras

  • Adaptable to dual controllers

Matrice 210: Powerful Quacopter

The Matrice 210 is strong enough to lift two cameras simultaneously. That means you can operate side-by-side thermal-imaging and video/still cameras. Fly at up to 51.4 mph. Ascend at more than 11 mph and descend at nearly 7 mph. Because the Matrice has arms that unfold to nearly 35 inches and carry big 17-inch propellers, it is stable in crosswinds up to 22 mph. It can operate at up to 8,200 feet above sea level.   

Resistance to Foul Weather, Solid Objects

The Matrice 210 is engineered to IP43 standards. That means it can resist solid objects in excess of 1mm in diameter and water sprayed from all directions, even at a 60-degree angle. With its hard shell body, the Matrice is usable in light rain. If used over sandy and dusty environments, it should be checked for and cleaned of foreign debris after use. The Matrice 200 series can be flown in temperatures as low as -4F.

Long Range

The Matrice 210 remote controller’s signals extend 4.3 miles. 

DJI Go 4 App

The DJI Go 4 flight control app is available for downloading to a smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with any operating system from iOS 9.0 or later, and Android 4.4.0 or later. The program offers Flight Autonomy and obstacle avoidance.

Remote Controller

The included remote controller sends and receives signals up to 4.3 miles. The controller connects to a smartphone or tablet, which displays drone movement as seen through the built-in, forward-pointing FPV camera. It allows toggling from FPV to camera views. The optional 7.85-inch CrystalSky monitor aids daytime viewing, with a display that’s more than four time brighter than most tablets.

Dual Controllers Available

The use of dual remote controllers in a master-slave arrangement is optional. The pilot controls the drone from the master, and the camera operator controls camera movement and video/still recording from the slave. This allows for more detailed data collection during inspections. 

Intelligent Flight Batteries

Matrice runs on twin batteries. TB50 batteries, at 4280 mAh, are standard. For longer flight time, there areTB55 batteries, at 7760mAh. Matrice 200 series batteries must be charged to within 13 percent of each other or takeoff is blocked. If one battery fails during flight, the pilot receives a warning and should land the drone. The batteries are self-heated, allowing flight in freezing temperatures. Insulation stickers are included.

Matrice Sensors

The Matrice has an array of sensors that promote precise hovering without incident. In addition to overhead infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance, Matrice 200 drones have downward and forward visioning sensors. The sensors add extra protection from striking obstacles during inspections.

Onboard, Mobile SDK

Every Matrice 200 drone has an onboard software development kit. This allows development of industry-specific programs. Compatible platforms are Windows, Linux, Embedded Systems STM 32, and ROS. Mobile SDK allows development of mobile apps for Matrice 200 drones.

Diverse Connectivity

Matrice 210 models have multifunction I/O ports for precision analog-to-digital conversion, pulse-width modulation and digital I/O functionality.

Compatible High-Performance Cameras

Opt for any in a range of professional-level Matrice-compatible cameras:

  • XT — With thermal imaging by FLIR, the Zenmuse XT camera reveals heat sources, including at night. Available in four fixed-lens options. Imaging at 640/30fps or 336/30fps, depending on model. Best uses: Electrical tower inspections, solar panel inspections, search and rescue, firefighting, precision agriculture.

  • Z30 — How close a view do you want, and from how far away? The Zenmuse Z30 has a fixed lens that zooms up to 30x, with 6x distortion-free digital zoom, for a maximum 180x magnification. Best uses: Cell tower inspection, wind turbine inspection, firefighting.

  • X5S — With a range of interchangeable lenses and two two zoom lenses, the Zenmuse X5S to select the focal lengths that are ideal for your needs. Video is recorded in 5.2K or 4K. Stills are recorded at 20.89MP and shot in bursts up to 20fps. Aperture and shutter control is automatic or manual. Best uses: High-quality aerial video and still photography, including mapmaking.

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