Leica BLK360 G1 Custom Package - Used / Excellent Condition


Sale price$11,800.00


The BLK360 G1 is designed to help new-to-LiDAR users capture point clouds and unlock the potential of using them in many different applications. Ranging from practical uses, such as architecture and surveying, to creative possibilities, such as VR workflows and media location scouting, the BLK360 G1 is meant to make reality capture accessible to everyone.

This kit was used by our field capture teams and is now available to you. Everything is in perfect working condition and all service and cleaning was performed by the Leica factory.

Mission Ready: Custom made GPC rugged case, 3 Leica BLK Batteries, Leica Tripod adapter, 2 battery chargers, car charger adapter, BLK protective case, BLK360 G1 scanner. Item is sold as is, but is guaranteed to function and perform perfectly out of the box.

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