DJI Matrice 300 Part 18 CSM Radar

DJISKU: CP.EN.00000263.02

Sale price$780.00


Key Features:

  • Detect Thin Obstacles: Use the radar to detect obstacles such as wires, powerlines, and branches.
  • Enhance Situational Awareness: The CSM Radar augments the M300 RTK's six collision detection sensors, covering their blind spots.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The CSM Radar has a detection distance of 1.5 - 30 metres (5 - 98 feet). It offers the following directional coverage: 360° horizontal; 60° vertical; 45° upper. 
  • Braking And Warning System:  Pre-set the obstacle braking distance to stop the drone when it comes close to an object. The warning system - with slow-beeping function - adds another layer of safety.   
  • Nighttime Operations: Can be used at night when the drone's built-in vision system is not functional.
  • Robust System: IP45 Rating, in line with the drone

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