DJI Care Pro 2-Year Plan (DJI Inspire 3)


Sale price$3,899.00


Available for products that are unactivated or have been activated within 48 hours. If the conditions are not met, please apply for online video verification of your product. After approval, you can purchase DJI Care Pro within 72 hours of receiving the purchase notification.

  • Unlimited number of free repairs within the coverage limit
  • Two free replacements for new batteries each year
  • One Factory Maintenance per year
  • One discounted Flyaway replacement per year

An unlimited number of free repairs are provided within the coverage limit for water damage, drop damage, improper use,and other accidents. In the meantime, enjoy free battery replacement.

Factory Maintenance

One Factory Maintenance service per year, which includes part testing, firmware updates, and fragile-part replacement along
with an official maintenance report.

Flyaway Coverage

If a flyaway incident occurs, you can purchase a replacement
product at a discounted price. * Purchase price is subject to the product model. Please refer to the Terms of Service. Replacement products purchased at a discounted price are brand new or equivalent to brand-new products in performance and reliability.

Free Shipping

DJI will cover shipping costs both ways anytime a product is
sent back for repair service.

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