CZI MP130 V2 Loudspeaker


Sale price$2,299.00


The MP130 V2 is a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) for UAVs, with ultrahigh sound pressure to clearly transmit voice to distant locations, with an effective range of up to 500 meters by DJI PSDK link.

  • Dual Link Handheld Mic PSDK & LTE, dual links guarantee communication, handheld mic comes standard, color screen visualization operation.
  • Multiple Play Modes Real-time propaganda, TTS, voice upload, audio file upload and playback, CZI language library/text library calls.
  • 130 dB 500 m 130dB shock volume, 500m propagation distance, over the LTE link, control unlimited distance.
  • Synchronous Pitching, Precise Broadcasting Through the DJI interface, it is plug-and-play, automatic synchronous pitching, follow the gimbal camera swing, achieve the best broadcast effect.

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