CZI IR10 Infrared Laser Zoom Searchlight


Sale price$5,999.00


The IR10 infrared laser fill-in light uses the latest laser fiber generator. With 70 times optical zoom, infrared fill-in light distance up to and greater than 1000 meters, together with IR mode DJI H20/H20T and other gimbal zoom camera, it can be a clear fill-in light. The infrared light is undetectable to the human eye. It can achieve ultra-visible distance for stealth surveillance.

  • Infrared Supplementary Light, Excellent Permeability
  • Optical fiber laser light source is used, the output power reaches 12W, the effect of penetrating misty rain haze is good, exposure range up to 1500 meters
  • Linear Zoom, Flexible Dimming
  • 70 x zoom accurate tracking and reconnaissance, linear light and dark regulation, flexible brightness control
  • Imaging Grade Optics, Industrial-Grade Protection
  • Imaging optical lens group, the light is sharp -35℃ cold start is supported, waterproof and dustproof
  • PTZ Follow, Easy to Control
  • Integrated smart chip, automatic detection of power supply status and lamp panel temperature, over discharge and over voltage can power off automatically, protection of power supply safety

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