CZI GL300 High Power Searchlight


Sale price$4,999.00


GL300 high power gimbal searchlight can support the tethering power system to use, together with the hovering UAV to fixed point and providing ultra-long time stable lighting illumination.


  • Super high power, super brightness 7 LED beads 300 W high power 21000 lumen value 45 degree lighting, larger area
  • Good pitch to follow objects in different situations. The PTZ rotates in pitch. Convenient and flexible multi-angle lighting. It can be matched with fixed point lighting of tied power supply. Battery-powered search for lighting is also available
  • Imaging optics, no reflective bowl. Optical lens imaging technology. Uniform brightness and clarity. No reflective bowl design. No secondary spot
  • Standard interface, universal mount. DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface is adopted Suitable for DJI UAV Matrice series CZZN universal interface can be selected Suitable for more industry drones

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