Colorado Drone Chargers Parrot ANAFI USA PRCS

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The Colorado Drone Chargers Parrot ANAFI USA PRCS PRCS (Portable Rapid Charging System) is a multi-battery drone charging system designed to rapidly charge four (4) batteries and one (1) flight controller simultaneously. With the ability to charge four batteries at the same time, we give you more flight time with less batteries. That means you’ll buy less batteries and carry less batteries in the field.

Colorado Drone Chargers products are built to last, and designed for the most rugged environments. Charging systems can be powered from a range of power sources, including inverters and generators, making them easily portable.

All products come with a lifetime warranty. Free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Key Product Features

  • Charging system compatible with MK3/3400 mAh batteries
  • Charging system will charge four (4) batteries and one (1) flight controller at the same time
  • Average charge time is 45 minutes - 60 minutes
  • Can be powered from pure sine wave and modified sine wave power sources, including inverters and generators
  • Safe voltage & temperature management including multi-fan cooling
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Protective hard case: Impact resistant, watertight and dust proof, with easy-open pressure release valve

Please note, batteries are not included with the charger.

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