B1 Remote ID Beacon

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The B1 Remote ID beacon offers superior local broadcast performance to meet the FAA's Remote Identification requirements. The B1 comes from a military heritage and is proven in national security operations with commercial and public safety operators. It is now available to all.

The B1 is compliant with the ASTM F3411-22 standard. Beyond FAA compliance, the B1's high-performance broadcast capabilities have successfully recovered aircraft and sensors after an aircraft mishap - saving the pilot time and financial losses.

Find the FAA Declaration of Compliance here: https://uasdoc.faa.gov/listDocs/RID000000317

Every B1 Beacon is inspected and test flown prior to delivery to customers.

Production B1 Beacons ship in black enclosures.

Pierce Aerospace has led Remote ID technology development since 2017 and first fielded Remote ID in United States military experiments in 2018. The B1 is built on that lineage, making it the premier choice for government, commercial fleets, and public safety operators. The B1 is now available to anyone.

Professional drone pilots designed the B1. The B1 contains high-quality components that provide reliable, repeated capability and can complete most missions without recharging. It also has a charging port for all-day performance by drawing power directly from the host drone utilizing extended battery packs. Public safety operators trust no other beacon for all-day national security operations when it matters most.

With the B1, UAS fleet operators can spare the costs of new aircraft acquisitions by equipping with the B1 - bringing compliance to existing fleets and investments.

The B1 further enhances safety - its high-performance local broadcast characteristics have successfully aided in identifying and recovering sUAS that have malfunctioned and crashed - significantly reducing search times for expensive assets and aiding in the safe recovery of aircraft and costly onboard sensors. No other beacon on the market can provide performance that delivers peace of mind.

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