Autel L35T Gimbal Camera

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  • 35x Optical Zoom: Offers 4K support and extends to 560x hybrid zoom for distant targeting.
  • Night Vision: Features super-sensitive starlight capability with up to 4K 30p videos in extreme low light.
  • Thermal Imaging: Dual lenses provide 56x hybrid zoom with 640×512 resolution for detailed thermal views.
  • Accurate Ranging: Quick target acquisition with one-click positioning, reaching up to 2 kilometers.
  • Compatibility: Autel Alpha and Autel Titan

The Autel L35T Gimbal Camera is a highly advanced gimbal camera with multiple sensors, made specifically for new UAVs like the Autel Alpha and Autel Titan. It stands out because it uses Lidar technology, a remarkable 35x optical zoom capability, and has high-tech thermal imaging, features that are represented in its "L35T" name.

The Autel L35T is designed to meet the tough demands of industrial tasks like energy inspection, emergency rescue, and public security. It features a flexible pan/tilt camera system with various functions, including zoom, wide-angle, thermal imaging, night vision, and a laser rangefinder. This all-in-one setup caters to a wide range of needs in different operations.

Product Highlights

  • Superior Zoom: Features 4K resolution support with 35x continuous optical zoom, extending up to 560x hybrid zoom, ideal for precise identification from afar, with an identification range of up to 8 km for individuals and 600 meters for license plates.

  • Super Starlight Capability: Offers exceptional low-light video quality up to 4K 30p, equipped with super-sensitive starlight night vision and an astounding maximum ISO of 480000, ensuring unparalleled performance in all lighting conditions.

  • Advanced Thermal Imaging: The infrared camera boasts a 56x hybrid zoom and dual thermal imaging lenses with a 640×512 resolution. It incorporates both a 13mm short focal lens for wide views and a 45mm long focal lens for detailed observation.

  • Accurate Ranging: Facilitates instant target location acquisition with a simple click, boasting a maximum ranging distance of 2 kilometers, enhancing operational efficiency and precision in critical missions.

The Autel L35T Gimbal Camera is more than a camera; it's a comprehensive imaging solution designed to enhance the capabilities of UAV operations, providing users with unparalleled versatility and performance in a wide range of conditions and applications.

Feature Specification
Compatibility Autel Alpha and Autel Titan UAVs
Optical Zoom 35x continuous, up to 560x hybrid zoom
Identification Range 8 km for individuals, 600 meters for license plates
Night Vision Up to 4K 30p video, ISO up to 480000
Thermal Imaging 56x hybrid zoom, 640×512 resolution, dual lenses (13mm and 45mm)
Ranging One-click positioning, up to 2 kilometers
Included Cameras Zoom, wide-angle, thermal imaging, thermal wide-angle, night vision, laser rangefinder

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