ACSL SOTEN - Zoom Camera Payload

ACSLSKU: ACSL SOTEN - Zoom Camera Payload

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The ACSL Soten Optical Zoom Camera is a versatile and powerful camera designed for use with the ACSL Soten drone. Its optical zoom capabilities boast a 2.5x optical zoom, complemented by a 10x digital zoom, which results in a 25x total zoom range. Whether you need to capture distant details or closely inspect critical infrastructures, this camera delivers exceptional flexibility. ACSL Soten Optical Zoom Camera also provides ease of mind with its adaptable and stringent security features, making it an ideal choice for your everyday professional applications.


  • 25x Total Optical Zoom
  • ACSL Soten Swapple Camera Design
  • 20MP Photos with 4K Video Recording
  • NDAA Compliant and Security

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