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Meet the ACSL SOTEN — a Japanese drone that combines compact design with NDAA compliance, providing advanced security and versatile imaging through its one-touch swappable camera system. This lightweight and foldable drone, boasting an IP43 rating, proves ideal for demanding missions. With a 25-minute flight time and user-friendly operation, the SOTEN excels in secure and efficient aerial tasks, particularly in challenging environments. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and reliability with the ACSL SOTEN, ensuring a seamless and productive drone performance tailored to meet the demands of dynamic missions.

Security measures based on ISO15408* are applied to prevent data leakage and extraction and to provide resistance to hijacking…

Major parts of the aircraft are either domestically produced or procured from highly reliable overseas sources. Security is enhanced with encrypted communications. Acquired data can optionally be encrypted and managed in the Japanese cloud.

*International Standard for Computer Security

ACSL SOTEN employs a hot-swappable camera The standard camera can be hot-swapped with an EO/IR combination camera, a multispectral camera, and an optical zoom camera.


Extensive scalability, including closed network LTE communication and offline maps

With the use of LTE communications, SOTEN can be controlled over the internet, enabling autonomous beyond-visual-line-of-sight (level-3) operations in remote areas such as mountainous terrain and inside industrial plants…

The use of offline maps allows the ground control software application to display maps and manage autonomous flight, even in environments where internet access is not available.

An adapter for mounting the camera on the top of the drone, enabling the inspection of infrastructure from below, is currently under development.

A drone with flight performance that is more than sufficient for real-world operations

With a maximum airspeed of 15 m/s, SOTEN is capable of safe flight in severe conditions, such as natural disasters…

SOTEN is also equipped with SLAS/SBAS (sub-meter positioning augmentation from the Michibiki quasi-zenith satellite system), which can provide more accurate positioning information in Japan, enabling safer takeoff and landing in situations where accurate positioning information is required, such as disaster response.

Dimensions (Unfolded) 637mm x 560mm (including propellers)
Weight 1,720g (including standard camera and battery)
Maximum Flight Time 25 min (standard camera, 8 m/s airspeed)
Ingress Protection IP43
Camera 4K video, 20MP still images
Optional Cameras Infrared + visible, multispectral, optical zoom
Remote ID Bluetooth
Cloud Services Image/video storage, Flight log storage
Security Measures Flight log/photo/video data leakage prevention, encrypted communications, drone-controller pairing
Functions Autonomous flight, Image-based tracking, Collision avoidance (3 directions)
In The Box

(1) SOTEN Aircraft
(1) Standard Remote Controller (Smartphone Not Included)
(1) Battery Charger
(2) Propeller Set
(5) Smart Battery
(1) Standard 20MP Camera
(1) Hard Case
(1) Triple Cradle Charger

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