Are you Remote ID ready?


Are you remote ID ready? Have you seen a lot of videos arguing about Remote Id? What is it and what does that mean for you, the drone pilot? Remote ID is feared by some, hated by others, and complained about by many.

One of the reasons we are making this video is to help reduce the misinformation that is on the web about Remote ID. Let's put aside all the debates, and look at what Remote ID really is and what we as operators and pilots need to know to comply with it. In short, remote ID is a system tied directly to the FAA drone registration. It is designed to let everyone and other unmanned systems, aircraft or AI systems know where your aircraft is at all times, and in some cases where the operator is as well.

And, we must all comply with Remote ID as Pilot in command by September 16th, 2023. Most drones or sUAS systems out there will be compliant with just a firmware update. And you have little to worry about. All you will need to do is search FAA DroneZone and modify your registration to reflect Remote ID compliance. If you want to find out if your aircraft is approved go to the FAA website link in the description and see if your aircraft made the list. For Part 89 Remote ID compliance.

We will also be making a series of videos showing how to update your FAA registry and verify compliance with the popular UAS models. If your aircraft is not compliant then you will have to do one of two things: Either “A” only fly your aircraft at designated locations known as a FAA-recognized identification area “Free - A” for short. Which is an area pre-coordinated for remote control aircraft flying by a community based organization such as the AMA. We will also be creating videos on how to find a local FRIA and comply with the FAA rules when operating in one.

Option “B” to operate your drone with a remote ID Broadcast Module. We are currently testing several of these modules and once we select one that fits our quality standards, they will be available for purchase from Florida Drone Supply. All of these modules are small little boxes that broadcast their: Take-off location and the current location of the aircraft. They are all very light weight and can be attached with double sided tape or by using velcro directly to your aircraft.

Once we decide which model or models we feel are safe and suitable for our customer base we will inform you how to operate those and comply with the requirements to use them. But rest assured we will have solutions for you and Remote ID is a serious topic but nothing to stress about, and Stand-by and keep and eye out for more video updates and information coming soon. but in the mean time. If you have any questions, give us a call at 855-837-6637 or visit us online at