DJI CrystalSky Monitor -adapter only- for use with MavMount

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This is the adapter only, no mavmount adapter base! 

6061 color anodized aircraft grade aluminum and true, professional standard 1/4-20 mounts so they work with the MavMount of course… OR: your tripods, standard camera ballhead, or any other professional mounting point like a camera cage, etc.

And because MavMount was made to work with every tablet out there and be fully up-gradable, anyone who already owns a MavMount will be able to buy the MavMount:CS adapter separately, updating their MavMount.

This adapter allows you to mount the Crystal Sky adapter to any MavMount or tripod using our industry standard 1/4″-20 mount.

Crystal Sky monitor users: Use the micro USB plug on the side of your DJI Crystal Sky monitor, rather than the USB-C plug,  to avoid cord interference.

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