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Accessories Series: Secraft Transmitter Tray

Accessories Series: Secraft Transmitter Tray

Drones are incredible machines that often remind us of the progessive technology that is at our fingertips today. Even these great machines can be improved when used in conjunction with a few accessories or add ons. This blog entry will be the first in a series that covers a few of the accessories and different accessory types that you can purchase from Florida Drone Supply.

Get the most out of flying by using this specially designed Secraft Transmitter Tray that is equipped to hold your DJI remote! This tray works in conjunction with the Inspire 1, Inspire 2, M600, Phantom 4 Series, and similar models. The remote snaps right into place on this tray with ease and allows for a much easier flying experience. Not only does this make the remote easier to hold, sit down, and utilize, it can also be used with the Secraft Harness for TX Tray.


This harness is the added piece every drone pilot needs! The harness is the perfect fit to go along with the transmitter tray. The straps have four point length adjustments and allows the pilot to adjust the harness exactly to their body and comfort level, these products were designed with the pilot in mind! This product allows for comfort while flying for hours. The harness straps to the tray and comfortably wraps around the pilot for a hands free experience that gives more freedom while flying! 

These products were engineered specifically to work with DJI remotes. The Secraft TX Tray and Harness are two products that any pilot can make use of, especially those who enjoy flying for longer periods of time. 

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