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0% Financing Limited Time Offer

0% Financing Limited Time Offer

Florida Drone Supply has made special arrangements to offer our customers 0% Interest for 24 months with $0 down payment on all brands and all products including the new Matrice 300 RTK or the Autel Evo 2 Dual. We are excited to bring this limited time offer to our customers and cannot wait to help you get new equipment.

Below is information regarding this amazing opportunity. After reading this if you are unsure about you or your company’s eligibility or any other aspect of this process and would like further clarification please send an email to info@floridadronesupply.com and we will get back to you. 

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is extended to Commercial drone pilots with 2+ years in the business, Commercial businesses are eligible. Municipalities, Public Safety Organizations, and some Non Profits are eligible for this financing opportunity.

How does the approval process work? 

Good News! For loan amounts up to $250,000 the approval process only requires an online or PDF application to be completed. Any loan that exceeds $250,000 will require additional documentation and the minimum loan amount for this offer is $10,000.

Loans can be approved and ready for funding within a matter of days, all of Florida Drone Supply’s inventory is available to ship immediately upon approval. We are excited to get these products in your hands!

How do I calculate my estimated payment?

Calculating your estimated payment is simple! Because there is no interest at all, a $24,000 loan is simply $1,000 per month for 24 months. Or, a $48,000 loan is $2,000 per month for 24 months. Just take your full loan amount and divide it by 24 to estimate your monthly payment. 

Can I include training for myself or my staff?

Yes! If you are new to a particular product, brand, or flying in general and would like to purchase training you can also include that in the 0% interest promotion. Training will be done by our staff and can be conducted at our location or on site at your location. 

Don't Miss Out!

If you have been considering any new drone equipment, make your purchase from Florida Drone Supply in July or August 2020 and take advantage of 0% interest for 24 months! The process is straightforward: simply gather an idea of what products and services you want to purchase and send us an email requesting the PDF application. Once approved and your paperwork is signed we can send out your new equipment! 

Florida Drone Supply is excited to offer this financing promotion and we hope that you choose to take advantage of it! We are committed to providing the best products and services to our customers in a friendly and timely fashion. 

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